What we do

We help you take ownership of your data, plan continually to improve it, to meet your needs, data driven digital transformation. Data is the foundation of information, that information will provide you with knowledge, the knowledge to improve.

The data problem

Every two days we create as much data as we did from the beginning of time until 2003. The amount of data we’re creating continues to increase rapidly, billions of internet connected devices pour out data non-stop.

The speed that data originates from and drives new actions is increasing – action  data information knowledge action – it’s 24×7, velocity like never before. Unstructured and messy, it can’t easily be normalised into a nice fitting database.

Data is valuable

In fact, it is potentially valuable. Poorly defined data, data in silos, duplicate data, out of date data, insufficient data, even too much data. If you can’t process it, data is a liability not an asset. It’s about ownership of data, and planning a journey to improve your data so that it meets your evolving organisational needs. We will embark on the journey with you.

Decision making

An organisation should be able to improve decision making, improve operations including IT operations, and monetise (or derive value from) their data, with the knowledge it brings.


Without technology the data transformation cannot exist. It’s critical to fuse the people, technology, processes and data together – which is why we have our fusion modules. One persons data is another’s information, even within the same organisation. We utilise technology to enable the correct data foundations:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Storage
  • Data Analysis and Processing
  • Data Access and Communication
  • Data Visualisations

Once we understand through discovery what knowledge an organisation seeks, we’ll put the technology into play, including technology you may already own.

Digital transformation

We design and deliver data driven digital transformations utilising our expertise and industry proven technologies together with your people, processes and knowledge. This is delivered through our set of Fusion modules adapted for each customer, dependent on who we work with and where they are in the data voyage.

Some Examples

Customer Experience

A user e-tailing or filling in an application or tax form. Users repeatedly fail to complete a purchase or application, no complaints are received just lost opportunity, or even worse, social media sentiment slates the service but no reasons given why.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Breached security, card fraud detection, application and identity fraud, GDPR compliance – knowing what is happening in realtime, predictive analysis, insight and foresight, not just hindsight.

IOT Devices

In 3 years, 7x the amount of IOT connected devices, interpret, process, analyse, fix, predictive fix, apply ML techniques to improve, operational, customer experience, safety and cost.

Digital Transformation

Taking customers or the public from more traditional channels such as the phone, paper or even e-mail and driving them into a web-based interface.

Data Driven Transformation

Create your data foundation, transform your data into information, covering Reporting & Analytics, Information Flows, Data Governance, Data Management, Data Design and Technology.

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