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CDAO – Chief Data and Analytics Officer

CDO – Chief Data Officer

CDO – Chief Digital Officer


CISO – Chief Information Security Officer

CIO – Chief Information Officer

COA – Chief of Architecture

Cyber operations manager

Cyber operations specialist

Cyber security director

Cybersecurity analyst

Data Security (VP/Director/Head)

Dev Ops (VP/Director/Head)


Information Security (VP/Director/Head)

Information Services (VP/Director/Head)

IT Innovation / Manager

Marketing Manager

Network security engineer


Procurment Manager

Risk analyst

Sales Manager

Sales Representative

Security Architect

Security Operations (VP/Director/Head)

Security operations manager

SOC Manager

Support Agent

Support Manager

Cyber Security Manager

Head of Gloval IT Vendor Management

Director of Cyber Security Engineering


CISO (Global Group Functions)

Global Head of Vulnerability Management

CISO / BISO – Head of Information Security

CISO – Global Infrastrucutre & Operations

Director of Cyber Security Services

Director of Information Security

Head of Cyber Security

Head of IT Security

Systems Engineering Manager

Head of Information Security

Head of Solution Architecture

Information Security Auditor and Manager



Head of Infromation Security Operations

Group Head of InfoSec GRC


Sr. Manager Cyber Security

Information Security Manager

Head of Business Change

Global Head: Infrastructure Applications

Global Head of SecOps

Group CISO

Director of Technical Services

Fractional CIO

Head ot IT

Chief Technical Officer

Information Technolofy Services Manager

SecOps Lead

Director of IT Operations

CISO (Group Information Security Manager)

Director of Infrastrucure Solutions

IT Infrastructure & Securtiy Manager

Head of Platform Architecture and Design

CIO & Executive Director

Director of IT

Head of Security

Sr. Technology Vendor Manager

Group CIO

Head of Infrastructure

Cyber Securtiy Transformation Programme Business Manager

Director of Infrastructure

Deputy CTO

Interim CISO


Head of IT Strategy & Architecture

Chief Architect

Head of Strategy and Architecture

Global Head of Vendor Management (Group Technology)

Director of Technology and Transformation

Director of Technology

Chief Product and Technology Officer

VP of Engineering & Infrastructure

IT Operations Officer

Head of Technology Transformation

CISO (Asset Management)

Head of CISO Operations


Head of Cyber Technology

IT Transformation Programme Manager

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Email Marketing

Event – In Person

Event – Online

Existing Customer


Mail Converter

Mail Manager



Other – Not Listed

Partner – ComputaCenter

Partner – Cribl

Partner – Cysiam

Partner – Insight

Partner – Phoenix

Partner – Softcat

Partner – Splunk








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