TiS eFlow

eFLOW is an advanced platform developed entirely within Top Image Systems™ (TIS™) and based on over 20 years of experience.

Top Image Systems (TIS)

eFlow is a single platform which offers a comprehensive set of document capture applications.  Having been developed for over 25 years, eFlow has evolved addressing critical business needs and extending its capabilities.

At its core is the broadest choice of recognition engine available in any of the leading capture applications.  This allows for an unprecedented control of how data is extracted from documents and an elevated level of accuracy.  With the ability to route documents through data ‘flows’ based on the content extracted the versatility of classification and extraction rules is unmatched.

What this all amounts to is a much higher automation rate of extracted data meaning more information gets into your target systems quicker and much more efficiently.  eFlow excels at taking large volumes of paper and turning them into useable data.

Apto has a long and rich history working with TIS.  With Apto’s knowledge and expertise of specification and deployment of data capture systems and the capabilities the eFlow platform offers, the Apto – TIS partnership provides a complete solution for large scale enterprise level and beyond data capture requirements.

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