Open Source

Open Source Software

Open Source Software (OSS) is essentially software together with its source code, made available and licenced under an Open Source Licence.  The Open Source Initiative (OSI) maintains a list of Open Source Initiative appoved licences and is an excellent resource site.

The idealogy behind Open Source Software together with Open Standards is a fundamentally sound one.  Its purpose is to allow open development and collaboration of software that benefits all its users.  It offers a significantly less total cost of ownership.  It allows freedom to use the and re-use the software, modfiy it and share this back to the community.  Contrary to popular belief Open Source is no less secure than proprietary software counterparts.  In fact the majority of websites run open source, as do smartphones, super computers and  A frequently used definition of Open Source is published by the OSI including the distribution licence.  

Open Source Software ranges from the operating systems, through web servers, databases and software tools.  The challenge is to choose the right software for the right job, this is where apto solutions' experience and knoweledge is.  This is why we also use Open Source technology within our services and solutions to pass these benefits and cost savings to our clients.