Capture, Communicate, Protect



Many organisations have specified Adobe LiveCycle because of the unique capability of Offline PDF Forms support.  Only Adobe can allow users to complete electronic forms in the ubiquitous Adobe Reader software, save their own copy and then submit the data captured to a web service.

Increasingly the PDF approach is seen as a niche solution, and Adobe have sensibly moved their data capture offering into the mainstream.  Their HTML5 forms have some excellent features, and if create once, deploy many times is your mantra then you need to look at LiveCycle ES4.

We at Apto are capture specialists.


Managing the electronic and paper communications that leave your organisation is important for any number of reasons, and yet most organisations either don’t do it or rely on recruiting the people to make sure it happens.

LiveCycle can be used to build Correspondence Management systems ranging from fully automated templated solutions to sophisticated workflow driven processes that allow staff to build documents with limited customised elements.

We have staff with over a decade of experience in this field.


Lots of businesses that are happy to spend lots of money on protecting access to their networks are much less likely to invest significantly in protecting the specific documents on their servers.  This can be viewed as ironic, since the most damaging information losses suffered by business are nearly always document based.

Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management gives you the capability to apply security policies to documents which persist even after they have left the corporate domain, and can continue to protect information assets even when they are taken offline.  This capability is easy to deploy and administer.

Apto Solutions have used LiveCycle Rights Management for a range of document types, from valuable investment-sensitive reports to Board papers for large public organisations.