Kofax TotalAgility

Unified Smart Process Application development and deployment platform

More than 20 years of industry leading development have resulted in Kofax technologies being pre-eminent in many areas of document based business processing.  Now they have unified those technologies into a single Application Development and Deployment platform specifically aimed at those expensive, business critical processes such as:

  • Applying for a complex financial product
  • Making a claim on an insurance policy
  • On-boarding a new service user

This platform is called Kofax TotalAgility (KTA for short). It is the world’s first unified smart process platform for these kind of processes, where what have previously been regarded as labour intensive and error-prone are addressed from within one product environment.

It combines orchestration of both predictable and highly dynamic case workflows with automation of transformation services, such as OCR/ICR and content classification.  It adds in Analytics and Business Intelligence services and modern integration tools to make sure that your existing investments can be leveraged.  Traditional Kofax Capture strengths have been retained and magnified by KTA.  Batch processing is enhanced with the addition of Transaction oriented capabilities to extend the use cases that can be addressed.

If your organisation wants to achieve true process agility in areas where you have been used to a slow pace of change, KTA is the tool you need. Document driven business processes will become a source of competitive advantage.

Where in the previous era Kofax products relied on the availability of highly specific product skills for their implementation and optimisation, KTA breaks the mould and puts the productive capabilities of the software into the hands of more generically skilled individuals – Business Analysts, Technical Consultants and Software Engineers.  The result of this is that the specialised technologies are put to greater work, resulting in more agile, transaction oriented services that are more tightly integrated with your systems of record.

This means that Apto Solutions, as suppliers of KTA services, have had to invest in cross training staff with broad technical understanding to turn them into KTA certified professionals who understand the full range of the use cases that can be addressed.

Our people have the ability to deliver projects in a traditional Waterfall style as well as using more modern Agile techniques; we have experience with a wide range of Frameworks, including .net; we are expert in the use of API driven solution development; they are deeply aware of Information Security issues (Apto are ISO 27001 certified); above all we are about producing quality solutions that meet our client’s use cases on time and on budget.


All of Apto Solutions application support activities are underpinned by our standard process 

This is based on the service Support discipline of ITIL.  Our objective is to restore normal service operation as soon as possible, whilst collating incidents and relating them to one another. This allows us to investigate them with a view to using the Change Management process to improve the solution over time when opportunity and budget allow.  This allows us to meet both the short term challenges in a way that minimises the impact of incidents on your productivity, and our longer term objective of improving your productivity.

All KTA applications built by Apto Solutions are naturally subject to our Application Support service; we are also able to take on the support of Kofax solutions built by other organisations.  For example, you may have built a solution using Contractor expertise but no longer have access to their skills.  In this case we:

  • Build a Solution Catalog by auditing what is in place
  • Create a Configuration Management Database for the solution
  • Agree a service level and price for the support process

From this point we are willing to take on responsibility for the process.


KTA is a considerable departure from the traditional form of Kofax software. Instead of monolithic batch processes with rigidly configured steps, KTA comprises a number of different services that are linked together using a Smart Process Management workflow layer.

The services are as you’d expect from the world’s leading document image processing technologists; class leading Mobility, Capture, Transformation and Collaboration functionality.  The addition of BI and Analytics gives the perspective on performance.  All the Kofax Capture third party export connectors are available as KTA services too.

The Workflow Management layer is what drives the documents through the process at a transactional level; the unit of work is the case rather than the batch.

Mobility Services

Mobility Services are designed to allow you to extend your processes far beyond the margins of your enterprise.  The KTA solution is able to communicate in process with remote devices to ensure that the process is not interrupted: -

  • Missing documents? Send a request, let your client create a scan quality document image on their mobile device.
  • Missing or incorrect data? Send a form for completion, or a link to a website.
  • Require collaborative input? Schedule a chat session.

Process latency is the enemy of efficiency; mobility services help you to design and build out latency.

Capture Services

Capture in KTA is not just about single function high speed scanners.  Of course KTA can drive those devices efficiently when they are needed.  But KTA Capture Services allows employees, partners and clients to capture documents wherever they are, using a huge variety of device types.

  • Smart Phones and Tablet computers.  Kofax Apps allow the creation of scan quality images as part of your process on many of these devices.
  • MFPs. As these proliferate in organisations, it becomes more valuable to be able to leverage them as part of business processes rather than ad hoc tools.
  • Web Portals.  Having your process participants upload supporting document images directly into your workflow from their browser reduces process latency, the opportunity for error and increases productivity.
  • Electronic documents such as faxes emails and various file types need to be managed for archive and compliance purposes.  KTA Capture Services can leverage the established integrations with your repositories to make sure that the risk of document loss is reduced.

KTA Capture Services allow you to control document inputs, build them into your business processes and at lowest process cost.

Transformation Services

Kofax have long specialised in taking document content, analogue or digital, structured or unstructured, and transforming it into data – data that can be used automatically by line of business systems and systems of record.  Technologies and approaches that have been optimised over years of Kofax Capture development and enhancement have been further improved by making them available as Transformations services that can be called from any stage of a workflow.

  • Image enhancement makes images more legible to people and to machines alike. Kofax VRS remains the most sophisticated image enhancement technology in the world today.
  • Document classification – the ability of a machine to establish from content extraction what the purpose of a document is – has evolved into an essential tool.
  • OCR/ICR of structured and semi structured content can drastically reduce data capture effort.

KTA sets these long established tools in to a more modern context where they are no longer confined to the mailroom. 

Collaboration Services

Engaging employees, partners and customers alike to collaborate on solving business problems improves productivity, agility and accuracy.  The key is to place them into a process where they can be managed; ad hoc collaboration is easy but fallible; managed collaboration adds integrity to the mix.

KTA Collaboration Services allow web, Instant Messaging and Email based interactions to be managed in the context of business process workflows, whether predictable or dynamic.

  • Launch a web chat session to get the key missing piece of data from the client
  • Send an email to a supplier to remind them to add a PO number to an invoice
  • Send an SMS to a customer to tell them how far through your process their application has got.

Engagement is key to strong business relationships; KTA’s transactional focus facilitates that, and allows it to take place earlier in the business process.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Kofax Analytics for Business Agility gives organisations the ability to gain real insights into their document processing operations.  Pre-built content allows you to make strides immediately; as you become more knowledgeable you can begin to specify custom reports and dashboards that meet your unique requirements.

  • Dashboard library - pre-built , drill down reports.
  • Near real time information – no need to wait for batches to finish processing for your data.
  • Investigation – the components are the beginning of the journey through the data. Filters and drill downs allow you to get to the root of individual issues.
  • Customisable – the library will give you a high percentage of what you need, but you don’t have to stop there. 

Data Integration Services

For Kofax Capture users, the library of release scripts and connectors that you have established will still work with KTA.  They are now supplemented with full featured REST APIs to allow you to create custom integrations with all manner of applications.

Kofax Kapow Katalyst extends this further, with a class leading Synthetic API builder that allows you to rapidly build test and deploy machine integrations

Kofax have released the next version of their premium data capture platform Kofax TotalAgility and have made the software available to existing Kofax users for absolutely nothing.  This is however a limited time offer so action is required in order to secure your free licences.


The migration process is basically a 3 step process

Get your free software

Apto will register you for your free software licences

Understand your current configuration

A software Audit and catalogue of your current system is required in order to ensure that the licences are a ‘like for like’ match to enable your current functionality to be replicated within the KTA platform.  If there are any discrepancies Apto will pursue further free licences from Kofax.

Installation and operation

apto will install and configure the new KTA platform to deliver the benefits currently enjoyed from the existing Kofax system.  After some staff training the system will be ready for use

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