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Enterprise Leading Capture Platform

Kofax Capture has long been considered the market leading application for transforming paper documents into electronic records.  Enabling the capture of information as early as possible in the business process offers a real advantage in hitting service levels or expediting customer requests.  By presenting extracted data to downstream business processes, Kofax Capture is able to automate the transferral of vital information from such diverse sources as paper, email and social media from wide ranging input devices including mobile and multi-functional.

By understanding and extracting information from documents early in the process, real momentum can be gained directing the useful information to the correct person, team, department or application.  Kofax Capture controls the capture and extraction of the information, then manages the data through to the target destination, ensuring only the right information gets to the right place.

At the enterprise level, Kofax Capture provides failover and high availability options to maintain the capture process through critical failures.  When document capture sits at the front of business processes, a large amount of disruption can ensure if the process fails, therefore Kofax have provided an extremely resilient and robust platform that eliminates single points of failure.

Surrounding the well proven and robust core application are a number of technologies which extend and enhance capture capabilities to enable a solution which delivers the maximum benefit over challenging requirements.

  • Virtual rescan automatically checks each image and enhances where necessary to ensure any data that is extracted is as accurate as possible
  • Front Office Server allows the connection of remote multi-function devices to provide a managed consistent capture process across the whole enterprise.
  • Transformation modules provide advanced capture techniques such as automatic document separation and classification, as well as making extraction possible from semi-structured and unstructured documents such as invoices.
  • Export connectors exists for a vast number of major line of business, document management and ERP/CRM systems to ensure the captured data and documents are controlled and managed directly to their destination.
Web Capture allows the submission of documents via a browser.  The same batch management functions and extraction routines are applied to the documents to allow for a completely standardised capture process no matter where the document originated from.

Apto have deployed Kofax Capture and it’s associated technologies in a large number of environments from single workstation solutions to large enterprise wide multi-server based implementations.  We are able to advise on the best possible fit and use of the Kofax Capture family of products for your business allowing you to see what benefits and cost savings can be made by adopting the system.

When there are requirements which need functionality not present in the base products, we are able to customise the capture process using the Kofax developer tools and API’s to create maintainable and supportable modules that exist within the Kofax Capture workspace.

We are approached by organisations suffering from different types of problems including;

  • A current Kofax Capture solutions is in place but is not delivering the benefits and cost savings that were promised.  Somebody needs to look at it in order to determine why it is under performing.
  • The company who supplied and configured the Kofax Capture solution is no longer able to support it effectively with issues and errors not being addressed and low levels of Kofax expertise.
  • Data capture technology sounds like it may provide benefit, but understanding just what and how it can help an organisation, and then building a business case can be difficult.  Help is needed in determining just what exactly is possible.
  • A number of small data capture systems using different applications exist throughout the enterprise, how can they be brought together and standardised to reduce annual maintenance charges and IT management overhead?

Apto are able to help with the above and all other types of data capture enquiry.  Our years of experience in using Kofax Capture and other data capture applications have enabled us to understand fully when and where such systems should be deployed and in what capacity.  Giving help and support to both end user and reseller alike, we can really make your investment return big benefits. 

Our people have the ability to deliver projects in a traditional Waterfall style as well as using more modern Agile techniques; we have experience with a wide range of Frameworks, including .net; we are expert in the use of API driven solution development; they are deeply aware of Information Security issues (Apto are ISO 27001 certified); above all we are about producing quality solutions that meet our client’s use cases on time and on budget.


All of Apto Solutions application support activities are underpinned by our standard process 

This is based on the service Support discipline of ITIL.  Our objective is to restore normal service operation as soon as possible, whilst collating incidents and relating them to one another. This allows us to investigate them with a view to using the Change Management process to improve the solution over time when opportunity and budget allow.  This allows us to meet both the short term challenges in a way that minimises the impact of incidents on your productivity, and our longer term objective of improving your productivity.

All Kofax applications built by Apto Solutions are naturally subject to our Application Support service; we are also able to take on the support of Kofax solutions built by other organisations.  For example, you may have built a solution using Contractor expertise but no longer have access to their skills.  In this case we:

  • Build a Solution Catalog by auditing what is in place
  • Create a Configuration Management Database for the solution
  • Agree a service level and price for the support process

From this point we are willing to take on responsibility for the process.

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