Kofax from Lexmark

Kofax Capture KTA development, implementation and configuration

Kofax from Lexmark offers a unified smart process application development and deployment platform, known as TotalAgility.  The platform contains components including process application functionality modules, mobile capture, business intelligence, e-signatures, communications management and various other multi channel components from Capture to VRS elite.  Details can be found on Kofax's comprehensive website.

Apto have worked extensively and for many years with Kofax Capture products and we are currently one of the few organisations in Europe who has multiple certifications in the design and delivery of the Kofax Total Agility platform (KTA).  KTA is the next evolutionary step in data capture being not only able to automatically classify, extract and validate data from documents, but to enable the capture from multiple sources simultaneously (email, Mobile device, Dedicated scanner, file share, social media etc…)

Once captured the information can then be subject to a workflow process which can provide simple document routing or more complex case management capabilities all through a browser and all within one unified fully integrated product.  With extensive integration features and a full in built SDK, KTA is able to transfer and negotiate with line of business systems already in place to make the most of the data already within the organisation.

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