HTML5 CSS3 Forms

HTML5 CSS3 Compatible forms

For many years the limitations of HTML as a tool for creating complex eForms has frustrated organisations.  This frustration has led to the creation of alternate technologies, some more standards based than others, but the need to deviate from the Web standard has remained.  Until very recently and some could still argue, the HTML5 specification is in some flux, we will keep on top of removed, refined or additional features.  

The specification for HTML5 extends the capabilities of HTML in many ways including working well with mobile devices.  The only fly in the ointment currently is that many older web browsers than cannot properly interpret HTML5.  As adoption of the  current standard progresses however, the use will become more widespread.  If a new feature, say auto-location enhances our solutions,  we will consider it but always make sure that the key content of the application is still available to browsers that don’t support it. This should soon be behind us, as browser support statistics indicate.   We believe however very much in Progressive Ehancement and Responsive Web Design.  All our eforms are styled using CSS.