Ephesoft is an open source web based document capture platform

Ephesoft is a full featured Open Source, Enterprise Document and Data Capture Application and represents a new generation in capture platform.  Being based primarily on open source technologies the licence model means that enterprise class capabilities such as automatic document classification and free form data extraction are available at a much lower price point.  In fact you only need to subscribe the Ephesoft SaaS or on premise models to take advantage of all of the functionality and unlimited user licences.

Thin client scanning is coupled with document processing, such as OCR, Document Classification and Barcode recognition.  It enables relatively low cost access to advanced technologies in a niche that has often been perceived as expensive

We are certified in the design, deployment and support of the Ephesoft application.  Whether you are intending to automate document capture to Alfresco or any other CMIS compliant document management system we will ensure that the process is efficient and robust and makes the very best use of the Ephesoft platform.

Ephesoft, like Alfresco, has a pedigree that is derived from the team of domain experts that has coalesced around recognised visionaries.  We primarily use Ephesoft as the paper interface to our Alfresco based solutions.  Apto solutions are a platinum partner and we can be found on Gcloud for all public sector procurement here…

  • On premise or cloud based SaaS models
  • Subscription based pricing
  • Unlimited users
  • 100% thin client
  • Multi threaded server process for high volume throughput
  • Advanced classification technologies
  • Completely open source

We are also very fond of the new Ephesoft Universe offering with its analytics and visualisation capabilities to make sense of large swathes of unstructured data. 

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