Apto Forms Manager

Apto Forms Manager (AFM) is a technology designed to allow non-programmers to develop, test, manage and maintain eForms.  It is part of our Open Extensible Platform.

What is it?

AFM is essential a solution for users (not programmers) to build HTML5 complex transactional forms.  It is not a forms designer, it is not a development environment, it is a solution to let you the user, build complex forms.  It compliments our Form Factory service, to enable the successful roll out of many and varied e-forms across your organisation.

How does it work?

By compiling a list of fields in a spreadsheet or using the web app, the user is able to create a file which is rendered as an HTML5 form on demand.  Styling is achieved using CSS, allowing a form to completely assume the brand identity of the web site that it is displayed in; the same file can be used to deliver forms with widely differing look and feel.  The data representation of the forms are themselves managed as Content in an suitable repository held in JSON format an Open Standard; the completed forms can be used in web content management systems, case management, xRM solutions.

 Open Extensible Platform 

AFM is based upon the same lightweight service orientated architecture as our Apto Rich Capture platform, in fact it is part of it.  The service providers are optional and snap into the platform in this case AFM could be the only service provider.  

Case Management Integration 

Partnering with a successful case management company we integrated Apto Rich Capture (ARC) and Apto Forms Manager  (AFM) solutions with their Case Management Solution.  

This was achieved utilising the overall apto open extensible platform integrating AFM built forms derived from their case management workflow via XML definitions and delivering forms via RESTful API's to our ARC solution.  

Field based list management and data capture was the core part of the solution via mobile tablet devices using ARC, with completed data capture forms including signatures and images, delivered back to their case management system via AFM, for further processing and case completion.

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