CQ5 Services

CQ5 Services

The CQ5 - now known as AEM - platform can be daunting given the number of available components and their variable functionality, indeed AEM introduces additional considerations.  apto provide a number of services to meet these demands from design through to support of the platform and its applications.

The services covered are 

  • Design & Architecture including content and taxonomy design
  • Implementation and Deployment - including packaging, multi site strategies 
  • Development - component development, application module development including OSGI bundles, workflow process implementation, JCR connector and RESTful web application and API development, ECM and other integrations 
  • Management - Operational, hosting, cloud, performance monitoring, health checks including licence checks, upgrades and updates
  • Application Support - Service Level based support of both the applications and software
  • Reviews - change request packages, end of life version planning and succession new functionality scoping e.g. mobile, additional business departments/processes

The services can be procured in a number of different ways from straight call off consulting, fixed priced pieces of work through to annual contracts.  The benefits of a well maintained platform protect your investment and reduce siginifcantly risk of system downtime.





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