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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) forms allows you to integrate easy-to-use enterprise forms and documents into your web and mobile experiences.

AEM Forms extends engaging web and mobile experiences to enterprise forms and documents, allowing organizations to complete complex digital interactions while improving user experiences and extending business reach. 

The power of AEM forms is to create engaging, simple to use forms for your customers, but provide a powerful capture mechanism integrating back-end processes, business rules and data. AEM forms is extensible with many different components in the AEM family, these include mobile apps, document services and security, digital signatures, AEM workflow and analytics and targeting.   

So an engaging customer experience, across multiple channels, whilst capturing and communicating with your customer in their chosen manner. 

 Some of the AEM family and our core service skills are in:


  • AEM Document Services
  • AEM Adaptive Documents
  • AEM Workflow
  • Analytics & targeting

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Our approach is pragmatic one and typically our specialist AEM skills are part of a larger process or project, that or organisations are in urgent need of digital enabled customer engagement.  Therefore, we typically employ a methodology similar to 3D – Discover, Design, Deliver.  This is just a way of managing our understanding of your processes and experience you wish to deliver.  It fits with most project delivery methodologies, waterfall and agile. 


What matters to us is our customer feels in control and at any stage and time understands, what we are delivering and why.  For forms in particular we have some innovative approaches one being Form Factory, which can drive accurate estimating and large time boxed deliveries of complex forms.  We view an well formed e-form as extending your business process to your customer, a really well formed one – excuse the pun – your customer will not even realize they have filled out one.


We work with all types of organisations and can work autonomously or as part of a team on site.  We warranty all our work and back this with a comprehensive application support program if required.  We never leave a customer until they are 100% happy.

The services we provide are the usual technical and consulting disciplines as illustrated but within our AEM practice the focus is on AEM.

Services include the initial design decisions regarding end user experience, administration of the solution, integration points, validations business rules, there is quite an extensive but manageable check list.  Depending on the process, it can determine the type of forms PDF, HTML5, Adaptive and the span of AEM components we use Mobile APPs, Document Security, Workflow etc  

This knowledge is experience driven which is core to the apto service.  Topics such as how the end user authenticates and how they find the correct form to complete is also covered, as well as engaging seamless online/offline functionality is considered, so drop off rates can be minimized.  Targeting can also be included in conjunction with Analytics.

We also specialize in personalized communication technologies, so your customers can choose their communication channel(s) of choice and feel they have been personally penned, not created by a robot.  It is this level of engagement your customers will demand, this drives retention and ultimately loyalty.  For new customers, the process to become a customer is also considered.




Once your solution is delivered you might want to consider our application support service.  This service as it implies support the application surrounding the AEM platform, we have intricate knowledge of the application and can assist with any issues that arise in a full service level support environment.


Futhermore discounted call off consulting and change request work for a fixed price can be delivered should you wish to outsource more complex requirements.

AEM and Adobe Livecycle are complex, but very powerful platforms.  You can compare the components within the platform to a set of tools.  The tools can be easily used, but first the context in which they are used to provide long term efficiency and ease of use should be considered.   It is only with experience this knowledge is gained and this is the primary benefit apto delivers.   We have certified professionals and have been an adobe solution partner since 2006, that’s ten years knowledge. 


Although we are a consultancy, we to aim to use our core experience to provide our customers self sufficiency for the future.  Our aim is to ensure the foundations are robust for the solution to be delivered upon, and the customer can continue constructing and extending for years to come.


Our work can be time boxed and run transparently using Agile, Waterfall or any particular methodology that is preferred.


Given our many years experience in implementation, we have also worked in a wide variety of market segments and size of organization from the largest insurers in the world to central government.  This offers some security in the likelihood of understanding your processes and how to digitally implement them.

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