Adobe AEM Services

Our consultants are Adobe trained, they know best practice and can deliver it.

We use an agile Discover Design Deliver methodology, we don't start coding until we know what is needed and how it is going too be built, reducing your risk.

Our Agile delivery delivery services aims to deliver functional software early, you get early sight of your new asset, which can be fine tuned in subsequent iterations.

Our people have broad technical experience, they will be able to understand your integration issues.

Apto personnel are strong communicators, your business people will be heard and understood.

An Apto Solutions client engaged with us to produce a portal site that allowed them to drive business opportunities for their partner community.  These partners include OEMs and Resellers; the opportunities are presented by consumers.  Thus the site required self-service functionality for two different types of business users, for domestic users and, of course for our client who has to administer the site to make sure that it meets the needs of all the actors involved.

 The site required implementation of the WCM, creation of Java modules, including a ‘Rate your supplier’ feature, integration with an Enterprise Document and Records Management system including workflowed business processes and with payment gateway and ERP systems.

This complex and demanding application was completed in less than 120 days.

AEM or CQ implementations are typically the heart of a customers digital communication, therefore we are used to working with agencies and customers in a dynamic environment.  Our favoured approach is an agile one.

Services include 

  • Design & Architecture including content and taxonomy design
  • Implementation and Deployment - including packaging, multi site strategies 
  • Development - component development, application module development including OSGI bundles, workflow process implementation, JCR connector and RESTful web application and API development, ECM and other integrations 
  • Reviews - change request packages, end of life version planning and succession new functionality scoping e.g. mobile, additional business departments/processes

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