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Adobe LiveCycle ES is a platform that comprises of a document and form platform that helps you capture and process information, deliver personalized communications, and protect and track sensitive information.  We now offer AEM Upgrade Services

apto have built applications and solutions in LiveCycle for the past 7 years, from inception to the current ES4 and AEM versions.  With the latest adobe AEM version apto now include services across the web content and digital asset management (formerly known as CQ) channels.

Adobe LiveCycle ES4 is the latest version of Adobe’s award winning platform for extending your business processes beyond your organisation and onto the desktops and devices of customers and employees, by: -

allowing you to Capture content on a wide range of devices, using the power of HTML5 or Adobe’s unique and ubiquitous Reader software, to process it and to feed it into your corporate systems

facilitating multi-channel Communication with your customers, employees and stakeholders by making personalised communication lower cost and more flexible but without compromising control

giving you the ability to Protect information assets even when they have left your network by extending the capability of the PDF file beyond simple multi-platform display.


Many organisations have specified Adobe LiveCycle because of the unique capability of Offline PDF Forms support.  Only Adobe can allow users to complete electronic forms in the ubiquitous Adobe Reader software, save their own copy and then submit the data captured to a web service.

Increasingly the PDF approach is seen as a niche solution, and Adobe have sensibly moved their data capture offering into the mainstream.  Their HTML5 forms have some excellent features, and if create once, deploy many times is your mantra then you need to look at LiveCycle ES4.

We at Apto are capture specialists.


Managing the electronic and paper communications that leave your organisation is important for any number of reasons, and yet most organisations either don’t do it or rely on recruiting the people to make sure it happens.

LiveCycle can be used to build Correspondence Management systems ranging from fully automated templated solutions to sophisticated workflow driven processes that allow staff to build documents with limited customised elements.

We have staff with over a decade of experience in this field.


Lots of businesses that are happy to spend lots of money on protecting access to their networks are much less likely to invest significantly in protecting the specific documents on their servers.  This can be viewed as ironic, since the most damaging information losses suffered by business are nearly always document based.

Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management gives you the capability to apply security policies to documents which persist even after they have left the corporate domain, and can continue to protect information assets even when they are taken offline.  This capability is easy to deploy and administer.

Apto Solutions have used LiveCycle Rights Management for a range of document types, from valuable investment-sensitive reports to Board papers for large public organisations.

The adobe LiveCycle platform can be daunting given the number of available components and their variable functionality.  apto provide a number of services to meet these demands from design through to support of the platform and its applications.

The services covered are 

  • Design & Architecture
  • Implementation and Configuration 
  • Development - Applications, Forms, Documents, Process Maps
  • Management - Operational, hosting, cloud, performance monitoring, health checks including licence checks, upgrades and updates
  • Application Support - Service Level based support of both the applications and software
  • Reviews - change request packages, end of life version planning and succession new functionality scoping e.g. mobile, additional business departments/processes

The services can be procured in a number of different ways from straight call off consulting, fixed priced pieces of work through to annual contracts.  The benefits of a well maintained platform protect your investment and reduce siginifcantly risk of system downtime.


The LiveCycle Forms module has been developed to help organisations enhance business processes via the creation of interactive electronic forms. Forms can host dynamic and interactive flash elements for an improved user experience.

With the main benefit of LiveCycle Forms being the integration opportunity with other LiveCycle modules, business applications or other types of back end system within the organisation.

Having developed and supported a number of forms solutions including projects for Central Government we have huge experience with the Adobe LiveCycle suite.

Process Management 

LiveCycle Process Management is one stop software for the automation of business critical processes. It comes into its own when controlling complex processes which involve a large number of rules, people and systems.

Organisations and their staff benefit from accelerated and more engaging processes.

Having developed and supported a number of process management solutions including projects for Financial Services we have a huge knowledge base in the Adobe LiveCycle suite.


The LiveCycle Output module can generate highly customised correspondence including: invoices, confirmations and e-statements.

The ability to develop templates which can include personal information along with rich content such as flash elements make LC Output the ideal replacement for sending out paper communications.

Having developed and supported a number of output solutions including projects for Financial Services we have great experience in the Adobe LiveCycle suite.

Rights Management 

Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management helps lower the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Dynamic policies let you protect critical information, improve your regulatory compliance posture, and extend the collaboration sphere for critical communications inside and outside the firewall and into the mobile realm. Persistent security ensures documents remain protected, whether users are online or offline.

This module can be used in conjunction with Digital signatures for certified documents, signing and other authenticity and integrity techniques.

Apto Solutions have used LiveCycle Rights Management for a range of document types, from valuable investment-sensitive reports to Board papers for large public organisations and high value transactional forms.

Adobe® Central Pro Output Server software dynamically generates electronic documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and checks for delivery via PDF, on the web, or in print by merging data from legacy applications with templates created in a customised design module. Central Pro is the latest iteration of a long line of applications which began life as Jetform. Apto consultants have had continuous experience of the product since that time.

For organisations that already have Central Pro or one of its predecessor products, Apto are probably the single biggest repository of knowledge and experience in the product in Europe. We can advise and guide you through upgrade programs, with reconfiguration or with a migration.

For those considering purchase of Central Pro, we can make sure that you make the most of your investment. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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