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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a wide reaching digital delivery platform.   It is in essence a web content, asset management, document services,  e-forms, mobile and web app platform.  apto have vast experience in the e-forms, document services and web content components of the solution stack.

Further product information can be found on adobe's website here.

Our consultants are Adobe trained and certified, they know best practice and can deliver it. Whether you are a Private or Public Company, Government or an agency we have worked with all type of organisations.

Services we provide:


  • Consultants - Upgrades, Design, Audit, Healthcheck, Workflow 
  • Architects - Sites, Apps, Forms 
  • AEM Developers - HTL, JSP, JS, Java, Apps
  • AEM Component Developers JSP and HTL 

Deploying & Maintaining

  • Upgrading
  • Configuring
  • Best Practices
  • Deployment Strategy
  • Audit & Tweak


  • User and Security
  • Operations and Monitoring
  • Integration
  • Site Administration
  • Audit & Tweak

Developing Solutions

  • Tooling
  • Testing
  • API, API & more API
  • Component Development
  • Template & Sightly
  • Apps Development
  • Forms
  • Best Practices
  • Extending the Platform get more from it 


A well known public sector client had extensively invested in Livecycle ES technologies for their complex transactional forms.  These forms were in both HTML5 and PDF formats.  However, in preparation to accomodate more responsively designed forms whilst moving on to the new Adobe AEM solution stack, they undertook a discovery phase to look at existing form conversion and fresh field responsive design form.

apto assisted and led an agile based project with weekly sprints to determine, the optimal conversion process and responsive design approaches.  

Furthermore a program was constructed for utlimate self sufficiency for the customer for future form creation.


An Apto Solutions client engaged with us to produce a portal site that allowed them to drive business opportunities for their partner community.  These partners include OEMs and Resellers; the opportunities are presented by consumers.  Thus the site required self-service functionality for two different types of business users, for domestic users and, of course for our client who has to administer the site to make sure that it meets the needs of all the actors involved.

The site required implementation of the WCM, creation of Java modules, including a ‘Rate your supplier’ feature, integration with an Enterprise Document and Records Management system including workflowed business processes and with payment gateway and ERP systems.

This complex and demanding application was completed in less than 120 days.

Our consultants have been working since our company inception on adobe enterprise products.  It will be no surprise some of the technologies employed within these solutions have since become extinct.  We cover the spectrum of these technologies from the earliest Java Bean LiveCycle approach to the most modern MVC framework.

Technologies alone do not define a competent consulting practice, approach, effective communication, listening, design and shared open objectives do. Our services specific to AEM include 

  • Design & Architecture including content and taxonomy design
  • Implementation and Deployment - including packaging, multi site strategies 
  • Development - component development, application module development including OSGI bundles, workflow process implementation, JCR connector and RESTful web application and API development, ECM and other integrations 
  • Reviews - change request packages, end of life version planning and succession new functionality scoping e.g. mobile, additional business departments/processes
  • AEM Forms - current form analysis, progressive and adaptive form design, form development including mobile forms, existing pdf and LiveCycle ES forms conversion.  Client self sufficiency programs for future forms creation.
  • Livecycle XDP to AEM AF Forms conversion. We have semi-automated toolkits to remove the pain of a migration, for utilising the latest Adobe Enterprise software.
  • AEM Apps, we can build AEM mobile apps for integration with your AEM implementation, allowing seamless content updates.

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