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Apto specialise in the Adobe Experience Management platform, commonly know as AEM which is part of the Adobe Experience Cloud. The Experience Cloud is a complete set of digital marketing solutions, AEM is the comprehensive content management solution, for building websites, mobile apps and forms.  It also carries over Adobe Livecycle ES functionality, which we have worked with since its inception as well as AEM.  This enhanced functionality allows process management workflow, document security, digital signatures and document composition tools.

AEM is the core of a powerful platform that manages all digital customer experiences, our niche is in complex customer processes, transactional forms and processes e.g tax services, mutli lingual and lanaguage financial services and processes, document correspondence (letters, emails) and so on.   AEM supports the entire digital customer experience with your organisation, and utilises Marketing Cloud components to extend your reach to new and existing customers.  


We work with Customers in all industries, as well as technology and digital agency partners.

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