Getting Started with Splunk

If you are new to Splunk then we can help you on your journey. When implementing Splunk we advise starting by considering the business questions you want to answer. From this we can help you determine what data you need to ingest and what architectural approach will enable this as quickly and easily as possible. We can help you deploy Splunk following Splunk best practice ensuring that you are left with a robust, scalable solution.

Download our Splunk Quickstart Guides for both on-prem and cloud deployments. Our guide will talk you through key architectural and scalability considerations along with hardware requirements and considerations, ensuring that you start out your Splunk journey in the best possible way.

Splunk Quickstart Guides

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We’re a Splunk premier partner which means that our team of certified consultants have the skill and experience to help ensure your success with Splunk. Read about some of our experiences with Splunk and the breadth of Splunk projects we’ve worked on

Our experience with Splunk

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