Output Management

Implementation Examples

Apto Solutions Limited has a long experience of providing solutions to problems associated with the generation and management of computer output. These range from the development of multi lingual invoicing solutions to the implementation of a document repository for the storage of electronic invoices.

We are expert in the configuration and deployment of a number of off the shelf products and can be relied upon to add value through our understanding of their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Centre of Excellence

Many organisations rely on mature Output Management solutions, treating them as ‘black boxes’ on account of their reliability. When changes are required however they are all too often lacking in the necessary skills and sometimes forced to consider solution replacement when it would otherwise be rejected as uneconomic.

We are the Centre of Excellence for the support of solutions built using Adobe Output Central Pro and its antecedents, including all versions of Jetform, and are often able to extend the life of such applications.