MAG Form Services

The Model Appraisal Guide (MAG) form, available online for no charge, was developed by Apto Solutions for the Revalidation Support Team (RST).  We are a specialist IT consultancy that focuses on creating and supporting business processes based on electronic forms.  Our particular skill is in making processes that accurately reflect what the users want and need.  This is exactly how we went about developing the MAG Form – we explained the art of the possible, listened carefully to the RST, attended workshops with potential appraisers and appraisees and took great care to ensure that the resulting form was as good a generic solution as could be achieved.

The MAG Form is an excellent generic solution to the problem of capturing appraisal related information as simply and unobtrusively as possible, being mindful of the burden that it places on Appraisees and Appraisers whilst respecting the needs of the Profession and of Medical Employers and Administrators.  This is attributable primarily to the staff of the RST, who made such strenuous efforts to ensure that it was a good fit for purpose, but also to Adobe’s technology and to Apto Solution’s ability to turn both of these undoubted assets into a usable solution.

It remains, however, a generic solution, and to maximise its value to your organisation, and to leverage the substantial investment already made by the NHS, three things are needed:-

  • The form needs to be customised to your local requirements
  • You need to establish a process for the use of the form
  • The process needs to be adequately supported