Apto specialise in crafting bespoke SIEM solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Whether initiating a new SIEM or contemplating a tool migration, our services extend seamlessly to guide you through the intricacies of effective and equitable security platform design.


What is SIEM Design?

The design phase is a critical component of establishing an effective cybersecurity posture for any business, encompassing several key stages:

SIEM Specification

A thorough analysis of requirements and selection of the appropriate tool (such as Splunk or Sentinel) that aligns with your goals, budget and existing infrastructure.

Threat Modelling

Crucial for identifying and assessing potential cybersecurity threats, ensuring the platform can effectively detect and mitigate risks. Metadata models ensure the efficient handling and correlation of your diverse data sources, enhancing the system’s ability to identify threats.

Detection Architecture

This focuses on setting up real-time monitoring and advanced analytics for prompt threat detection and response. The architecture of your SIEM should be robust, scalable, and integrated seamlessly with your existing IT environment.

Tooling Migration

This is where planning and proactive configuration address the challenges of transitioning from the existing platform to the new SIEM solution, ensuring data integrity and minimal operational disruption.

Multi-Step SIEM Design Process

The design phase pulls together the operating model, identified risk and threats into an action plan and deliverable supported by the SIEM tool of choice. In fact, it also helps if required identify and evaluate the correct SIEM platform for your organisation.  It brings together operational, technical, architectural and data into one place, for consideration and design.

  • Steps – Review existing platforms and environment (as per Discovery)
  • Define the improvements that need to be made and what business objectives need to be met (ie compliance)
  • Explore possible solutions and architecture to solve problems with efficient use of tools and tooling features, such as automation, ML, use cases etc
  • In cases such as migration, review and collate all assets that need to be transferred to the new platform
  • Fully document planned design documentation, including tooling details and requirements



Scope of Apto Design


Apto Are SIEM Experts

Tailored To Your Organisation

Apto is a small but dedicated team of industry experts with over 15 years of SIEM experience. We aim to truly understand your organisation at a deep level and put your business objectives and industry-specific needs at the core of what we do. We consider your company culture, size, risk tolerance, complexity and what you are trying to implement and maintain. This ensures that the work you receive from us is specific and focused on your organisation.

Actionable and Reliable

Our tailored approach ensures that the deliverables and outputs from the design process are appropriate, actionable and focused on the threat landscape you will be exposed to. The final report from this process will allow you and your organisation to fully understand how to build and operate your SIEM in the future.

Going Further With SIEM

Apto Design provides a clear way forward with SIEM, covering all of the possible use cases and available platforms and technology to create a successful threat detection platform that responds appropriately and fully covers your data security. Apto Design will help set the scene for where you head next with SIEM and will be invaluable for long-term operation and platform integration.


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