SIEM Deployment & Engineering

The most vital part of any mature cybersecurity posture is correctly deploying and installing your chosen SIEM tool. Apto’s SIEM Deploy assist your business in utilising all of the available features of your chosen tool, such as Splunk or Sentinel and completing setup to provide the most benefit and proactive protection from threats.




Multi-Step SIEM Deployment Process

The duration of phases can be from 5 days for discovery, 10 for implementation and 2 for transition. However, its not about just duration, its about the outcome, guided by our knowledge and experience that you seek.  

Scope of Apto Deploy

The scope of deploy can be varied, dependent on just that the scope.  It can range from greenfield Splunk Cloud, deployment of specific functionality or app e.g. PCI, or a full SIEM detection use case implementation.  Typical deliverables may contain

  • An appropriately configured Splunk Cloud or SIEM instance, specifically a set of searches, alerts, dashboards, and reports 
  • CI/CD deployment approach if desired
  • Full SIEM specification adherence as agreed in design and validated
  • E2E test and release
  • An engagement plan and backlog providing an overview of the tasks undertaken 
  • Sprint based delivery 

Apto Are SIEM Experts

Tailored To Your Organisation

Apto is a small but dedicated team of industry experts with over 15 years of SIEM experience. We aim to truly understand your organisation at a deep level and put your business objectives and industry-specific needs at the core of what we do. We consider your company culture, size, risk tolerance, complexity and what you are trying to implement and maintain. This ensures that the work you receive from us is specific and focused on your organisation.

Actionable and Reliable

Our tailored approach ensures that the deliverables and outputs from the deployment process are appropriate, actionable and focused on the threat landscape you will be exposed to. All engineering work is completed to the highest standard and offers the maximum benefit to your organisation.

Going Further With SIEM

Apto Deploy provides organisations with a well-optimised and integrated SIEM platform covering all of the possible use cases to provide a successful threat detection response that fully covers your data security. Deployment of SIEM is only the beginning of the journey and requires management and oversight in the long term to keep it running effectively and alerting correctly. Apto Operate offers long-term ownership and oversight of your SIEM tool.


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