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Our Application Hosting provides a secure and completely backed up environment for your enterprise level applications.

Many of our clients now choose to have Web Applications hosted. This enables them to place their resources as close to the Internet as possible, thereby increasing access speeds for most users. Our hosting is in a collocation facility based close to our offices in Bristol, and offers an environment that ensures your data is physically as well as logically secure.

AptoHosting gives clients the opportunity to take advantage of the latest, most energy efficient technology from Dell and VM Ware, combined with storage prices that reflect the recent fall in hard drive costs. These technological features, combined with skilled and proactive management, deliver truly economical access to their Web Applications for our customers. The three main features of the facility are as follows:


The facility is in a modern building on the University of Bristol campus. There is controlled access to main building - card and pin only out of hours, security desk in hours. Additional access control to datacentre, with monitored CCTV with motion detection. it has a Level 3 redundant signalling alarm system .


Primary fibre connection is provided by Virgin Media, with backup copper via BT. Other carriers can be arranged for specific projects. Transit bandwidth is supplied via Avensys Networks with dual 45Mbit circuits to London (with direct peering to LINX) and dual 45Mbit circuits to Manchester. Transit links are protected by dual, redundant firewalls providing anti-spoof filters and QoS support for the links. Off site backup is over a private LAN extension to a remote, secure, office facility.

  Power and Cooling   

All power provided through APC Smart-UPS VT series performance hot-swappable UPS. Approximately 45 minutes of runtime provided to all customers as standard, with extended runtime available. Cooling is provided by fully-redundant Airedale chilled water close control units in N+1 configuration. Together with Dell’s Energy Smart technology, Intel’s latest processors and VM Ware to ensure maximum utilisation this provides the best combination of energy usage and cooling to give you a green hosting solution.

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