Application Support Service

Our specialisation is in Document applications and other critical enterprise applications.

Have You Encountered a Problem With Support?

Most businesses choose to buy Application Support services from the organisations that originally delivered the solution. Sometimes that might be an internal organisation, such as the IT department, or from an external supplier. But unfortunately these arrangements sometimes go awry:-

  • The IT department is downsized or outsourced and the expertise no longer resides there
  • The external supplier goes out of business, or is bought by another supplier, or chooses to stop providing support for strategic reasons

How Our Application Support Service Can Help

Our Application Support service has grown because we can solve these problems. We are able to support solutions developed by other organisations with our proven methodology based on ITIL. Our specialities include all Adobe based solutions, including Acrobat, LiveCycle ES, AEM and legacy products including Jetform; Image and Data Capture solutions, including Kodak and Kofax; EDRMS solutions, including those built from Microsoft Sharepoint.

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