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apto solutions provide Splunk professional and consulting services in the Splunk Product set

We have certified Splunk Consultants delivering a wide array of Splunk Services.  This includes the newly named Core Implementation Consultants (formerly known as SCC2 Engineers).  We have packaged different bundles of services for different types of Splunk Users and where they are on the maturity curve.  The services cater for new Splunk users and those that have been using Splunk for sometime that wish to leverage the platform and their data further.

Splunk sometimes is one part of the equation, so we are consultants in Log Management, Data Management, AIOps, ITOM, ITOPs and integration of products within these disciplines.  If we do not possess a specific knowledge in a particular product, our network of partners likely will.  Our approach in engagement is flexible and we aim to demonstrate clear value before, during and after any engagement.

Models of Engagement

We have simplified a few different forms of engagements in your project, which we would welcome to discuss

Team augmentation as an Splunk Architect – single or multiple heads Team augmentation as an Splunk Configuration Expert – single or multiple heads Self contained project assignment e.g. ITSI, SOC setup Out of the Box  – explained below  Maturity Services – explained below Add on's - ITSI, ES, AWS and other app installation and integration 

 We are as happy to engage from hours to man months, our certified consultants are always waiting to talk Splunk.

Sure Start - Out The Box

The Sure Start offering will help you learn how to best align your people, processes and technology and most importantly your data! to derive the most value from your Splunk investment for long-term success.   We help get your Splunk implementation up and running in manageable chunks while focusing on your objectives using a proven deployment methodology.

The Out the Box Services offering provides these key benefits:

  • Deploy the right way the first time : Architecting a Splunk deployment can be intimidating and utilising accredited experienced consultants ensures the right approach from the outset
  • Understanding your needs and translating data and knowledge extraction: Start your implementation with a complete process of data onboarding from data parsing to field extractions. 
  • Deliver value:  A Splunk professional services expert will collaborate with your team every step of the way to ensure best practices are in place.    

Sure Start covers all the disciplines to design, architect, deploy, manage and utilise your machine data.  The longevity of the service is dependent on the complexity of the deployment, but is delivered in agile, incremental approach.  

This ensures progression measurement and allows step on and off controlled by you.

The services is for customers seeking the best possible start to using Splunk. Our consultants have had extensive training Splunk certification and experience to share with you and your data, to enable the best possible start to using Splunk. 

Maturity Curve Services - Scale the Data Tower

As you use Splunk, the business cases and exploration of the product and your data offers unlimited possibilities.  Expand your skillset, our certified Services Consultants can help you discover, plan, and document new use cases aligned to your business requirements. We can also assist with the implementation of your solution so you can realize broad business value more quickly than you would on your own.  This can be either through a full or augmented services plan, using our Fusion methodology.

The Splunk Value Acceleration offering provides these business benefits:

  • Thorough Technical Review: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the current effectiveness of your Splunk investment.
  • Use Case Development: Certified PS Consultants help discover, plan, and document new use-cases aligned to your business requirements. This can be across, service operations, customer behaviour, security, performance, architecture, the list is long.  We can help short list and prioritise.

The aim of this service is a structured approach to understand in the first instance what you would like to achieve, we then put together a plan on how to achieve this.  This is based on Splunk proven methodologies.  If you're not absolutely sure on some of the requirements we can use case examples to illustrate what is possible and good practice approaches be it architectural, Data knowledge extraction or visualisation and reporting.  

The idea is to build a program and approach that does not stop when we leave. It's a plan, approach and good practice that continues to deliver for your organisation.  This can be further structured in a program where we augment our expertise, delivering jointly your requirements over the program period. The program is tailored and tuned to deliver the right objectives and touch points to ensure success.

Specific Services

While we prefer to provide service packs to align your business objectives, apto provide specific Splunk services for times when assistance is required in a particular Splunk discipline. We cover all areas of the Splunk services spectrum across, Architecture, Design and Development, encompassing Advanced Search, Data Models, Events, Workflow, CIM, Knowledge Objects, Integration, SplunkBase Apps assistance, Apps Creation and more.  We are also specialists in many different verticals so carrying this domain knowledge advances Splunk data programs.


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