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Package Overview

How will you use Splunk to the greatest effect when the unexpected happens?

When you discover your network has been exploited, the most important thing you can do is respond as quickly as possible. Our team are available to support you in developing the queries you need to investigate an incident.

What to Expect

Whilst we’re not an incident response company, our professional services team can augment your team with Splunk expertise to increase your hunting capacity. Our team can quickly support you in developing the queries you need to investigate the event.

  • Rapidly onboarding new data sources to support your immediate hunting needs

  • Searching and investigating in Splunk

  • Available to increase capacity in your Splunk security environment when you need it.

  • Help with long term investigations, from initial responses to closing out the investigation

Even if you have a mature Splunk SOC, sometimes having additional expertise is invaluable



Apto can help here too, providing core certified consultants to work alongside your experts to tackle the event. We can help your team surface the most critical information needed to support your investigation.


To find out more about our security response offering, or to speak to a consultant, call us on +44(0)845 226 3351 or send us an email…