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Package Overview

What do we mean by residency?

Residency in its simplest form is apto providing varying levels of Splunk experts to maintain, deploy, configure, fix, expand in fact anything you wish Splunk orientated.

Residency is typically used when

  • You have newly adopted Splunk or a new component of it
  • You wish to train your team, cyber, ITOps in Splunk by over the shoulder processes
  • You wish to expand or getter better value out of Splunk

You have lost key personnel and need to augment teams with expertise

Why Apto and Residency?

We are a bit more committed to delivering an outcome for you, rather than just personnel.  We regularly provide residency programs that address

  • The reasons you have sought residency, basic we know, but often overlooked, based on the labour market
  • The period of time you think you need residency and the mix of skills you need
  • The outcome you seek, self sufficiency, team augmentation with a degree of retained expertise, be it through residency or our support program
  • Help understand you use, present and future of the Splunk platform


The reason for choosing apto for residency rather than other options such as the contract market, is we really are experts in Splunk.  We are a Splunk Professional Services Practice Partner backed by a vast knowledge base of consultants and past experience.

We put together a team with the right skills at the right time, even it’s a singular Full Time Equivalent requirement.  This is different to the contract market in which you hire a consultant, architect or engineer, typically; with apto you hire all of them in one contract no matter how small or large your requirement.

With this approach and our experience, the outcome is more assured and so is the future roadmap and operations of your Splunk Platform.

  • Realize the full value of your Splunk investments

    We will help you build your own capability or demonstrate a cost effective retained expertise approach.  We put the right skilled personnel for the requirement, not over or under skilled, this is the benefit of a dedicated Splunk practice.

  • Exceeding your requirements

    We are an enabler for your Splunk platform, cost effectiveness, peace of mind, roadmap of your deployment, team capability.

  • Full Support & Beyond

    We offer beyond residency, both retained expertise and support programs.   We also warranty our work and complete satisfaction guarantee.

To find out more about how Apto can help you embrace ML, call us on +44(0)845 226 3351 or send us an email…