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Package Overview

There are a number of reasons why you might want to onboard new data into your Splunk:

  • You may have added a new application or system that needs to be monitored.
  • You may be wishing the expand your Splunk to cover data sources previously not monitored.
  • You may simply be wanting to make the most of your Splunk licence.

Whatever the driver, Apto’s data onboarding package is designed to support you in getting your data into Splunk, using best practice approaches that ensure your data is accurate and your Splunk performs well.

What to Expect

The data onboarding workshop takes place typically over 3 to 10 days depending on the nature and scale of your onboarding challenge. We’ll work with you to onboard new data sources to support existing and new use-cases. Our end-to-end and user-centric approach to data onboarding considers the following aspects

  • The use case(s) and end-user information needs to which the data contributes

  • Access and access-control

  • CIM/data model compliance

  • Indexing approach

  • Data volumes

  • Data-timeliness and retention

  • Licence considerations

  • Obfuscation and/or privacy requirements

  • Forwarder configurations and considerations

  • End-to-end data paths and firewall configurations

  • Technical Addons for data source types

  • Custom data extractions

  • Custom Searches

Outcome: This workshop will result in you ingesting more data, improving the time to value of your Splunk deployment

Already overwhelmed with data? Then why not take a look at our data analytics work package to see how we could help you get more value from the data you already have

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