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So What is the Halo Solution?

The Halo Solution service provides skills and expertise around your core, in-house, technical expertise; skills that you do not have or need permanently or where you have an over-demand. Designed specifically for solution providers who require reliable, highly skilled and knowledgeable technical people in the area of data capture, data output, complex transactional forms and business processes. 

The Halo service will assist you reducing your risk and bridging the gaps in your current in-house skill set.  Due to their highly qualified, UK team of technical experts the Halo service is able to support you throughout your process with your customers; from planning and implementing projects with your clients to completion. This ensures that implementations are completed on-time, on-budget and with reduced risk to you, the solution supplier.

Reduced Risk

Reduced Risk: No delays, risks, dependency or recruitment costs associated with contracting with individual contractors

  • Enhancing Your Reputation: Skilled, outsourced technical people who enhance your company reputation not detract from it
  • Speed: Fast implementation due to their specialist expertise and knowledge
  • Contracted Agreements: Work conducted under robust commercial contracts with strict confidentiality and non-competes for the ongoing provision of reliable, technical expertise
  • Quantifiable: Fixed and known costs, ensuring projects are completed professionally within budget and on-time

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