Prior Notification Solution Continued

Prior Notification Solution

It comprises: -

  • An eForm for your website that allows people to make the notification online, with your LPA branding
  • A simple case management process that automates the behind the scenes work as far as the point at which a knowledge worker has to become involved

The branded eForm will reduce the amount of paper you have to deal with as an organisation, which means that the cost of the process is lower.  It also standardises the format of the notification, making it cheaper to interpret and make decisions about.

The simple case management process makes sure that as far as possible you expend almost no administrative time getting to the decision point of the process.  No data entry, no letter or email writing.  The system also sets the clock running and reminds you of approaching SLA deadlines, making sure that your department meets their obligations in that regard too.  The whole solution is cloud based and requires no infrastructure, or additional software.

High Level View of Solution