Prior Notification Cloud Solution

Prior Notification Cloud Solution

The new permitted development regime offers many challenges for LPAs.  In particular the ‘notification of a proposed larger home extension’ raises the prospect of completing a potentially significant amount of administrative work without any associated income.  This is further complicated by the fact that it is time limited, so even if an LPA was contemplating some investment in infrastructure that could reduce the administration costs, the timescale over which savings might give a return on that investment is constrained.

Apto Solutions has created a solution for this problem:

  • An eForm for your website that allows people to make the notification online, with your LPA branding
  • A simple case management process that automates the behind the scenes work as far as the point at which a knowledge worker has to become involved
  • Where possible, all communication is electronic to keep costs low, including 21 and 42 day notifications
  • The solution is supplied in the Cloud, for a low cost annual subscription

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