Temporary Event Notice

Temporary Event Notice

The Temporary Event Notice is the most frequently applied for Local Authority administered licence. There is an electronic application option, that is accessed through www.gov.uk, which meets the needs of citizens for a “digital by default” option, but it has some limitations: -

  • The PDF form that is used has limited branding which contributes to the nearly 70% drop-off.  Of every 100 form downloads, only 70 are submitted, no doubt due in part to the fact that the form is only loosely connected with an individual council.
  • The council receives a very long PDF form copy, and an XML file carrying the data that the citizen entered.  That doesn’t help at all with the cost of processing.

Apto Solutions TEN solution provides a better, more productive solution at minimal cost:-

  • A self-service HTML form that is served to your site for branding as you require, reducing the probability of drop off and increasing the proportion of applications that are completed electronically
  • The form submits to a cloud case management process that focusses on high quality and high productivity
  • Minimal set up and administration means that the new process has minimal negative impact on your business

Reducing the TEN application submission drop-off