Government eForm Solutions

Digital by Default self service through eforms for local authorities and central government

Digital by Default

Digital by Default is at the heart of the Governments IT strategy.  Citizens want to do their business with government digitally, as do businesses.  This enables Government to deliver a more efficient, reliable service at less cost.  A win-win situation.

The Government Digital Service (GDS) are helping Government deliver this by being involved in projects and offering guidelines for them.  We have worked alongside them, for them and with lots of Government Departments utilising these guidelines.   G-Cloud and the Digital Services framework also enables Government Departments to buy with confidence from organisations such as us that adhere, follow and encourage such an approach.

We have a vision of a way to get even the lower volume transactions online economically.  It combines our unique methodology for creating electronic forms at low cost with a simple Case Management ‘lite’ and transactionally charged, cloud hosted services.

All our solutions are Open Standards based and where third party technologies are used they are Open Source. Our services are detailed below.