Form Factory

The form factory is a scalable forms development process that is used to help deliver projects for medium to large organisations.

The Form Factory is the name we have chosen to describe our highly structured Forms Development methodology. It allows us to create a Division of Labour for the development of large Forms based solutions.

This in turn allows us to:

  • Estimate more accurately
  • Use lower cost resources for less highly skilled roles
  • Provide a lower development cost per form

This gives you several key benefits:

  • Excellent manageability, with highly granular reporting
  • The lowest cost to develop large forms projects
  • The lowest cost of ownership for large forms projects

The methodology was created for Adobe LiveCycle Forms development, but is equally applicable to other technologies. It has been deployed in several recent high profile projects.

Estimate more accurately

The database we maintain recording time spent on Form Factory projects gives us unrivalled MI which we can use to accurately estimate the amount of time your electronic forms will take to specify, develop and test. This information is then used to manage the project closely.

Use lower cost resources

The Form Factory uses a division of labour to minimise the expensive roles in the project. This is facilitated by the use of a web based collaboration suite which makes the project independent of geographical constraints. This reduces the overall cost of the project markedly.

Overall this gives a markedly lower cost per form than would ordinarily be achieved, together with the ability to scale quickly to a level not otherwise easily achievable.

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