Customer Correspondence Management

Customer Correspondence Management, consistent, compliant correspondence from tailored letters to application packs

What is it?

Apto solution are Customer Correspondence Management (CCM) specialists.  We have many years’ experience in emerging CCM channels and software products, this makes us uniquely positioned to be communication hub experts.  

CCM is all about creating, maintaining, clear, compliant and consistency in communications with your customers.  It can be through multiple and many channels digital or analogue and this growing amount of communication through all these channels needs managing.



CCM doesn’t typically have the business focus it should as it’s a technology that’s been present for over 30 years traditionally involved in letterheads, invoices, correspondence and various marketing material creation; originally for high speed transaction printing.  

As technology and digital communications grew, the problem compounded. Digitial communications partly fulfilled either by your microsoft office suite on an adhoc basis or your batch print invoice run from your financial systems.  So your customer may receive a tailored letter from sales, a seperate invoice and some marketing mailshot, none of it consistent, a bad customer experience in the making.

Ironically it’s one of the key components through its evolvement in leading organisations away from printing through emerging mobile, analytics and customer experience technology.

The evolvement of the software allows more personalisation with more sophisticated control through interactivity components, much better integration and data synchronisation for real-time document creation, through multichannel conversational pathways.  Put simply CCM aids digital transformation and better customer experience.  It’s design enforces seamless integration, or should if the right product is selected.


What do apto offer?


Many years of technology experience in a variety of output and CCM products, which we have, is not enough.


A CCM journey needs to be approached in a holistic manner,  just think of the number of interactions with your customers, the channels they are communicated then add some other questions


  • Are they relevant, personalised, accessible on-demand?
  • Do they reflect your brand positively?
  • Do they hinder or help you overall customer experience?


There is a quite a list of these types of questions, but luckily we know what to ask, and how to collect this information efficiently.  We look at what technologies, data silos, regulation, resources you have and your CCM ambitions.  We bring some other thoughts to the table how CCM has evolved and what solutions can offer today and in the future.  A good example is stitching multiple business operations together sales and customer services with consistent communication to your customer.  We look at how to rollout CCM and how to measure your investment.




Once we’ve worked the high level through a set of workshops covering the ground above, we can work on customer journey’s.  This allows you to visualise and articulate the requirements in a set of stories and journeys both for the customer and your user roles.  We undertake this in well-defined set of workshops through sprints.  You are in complete control of the time and budgets for these activities. Once we have the CCM platform sketch, we start assessing the right CCM products for you, we’ve used most of them.


We have a number of different methods of engagement from initial discussions, through discovery, design and delivery.  We will tailor this according to your needs not our price list.



Solution Experience


  • Statements
  • Insurance Notes and Certificates
  • Bespoke finance application packs and forms
  • Deal notes, bespoke performance illustrations
  • Loan finance and origination correspondence
  • Order forms and processing
  • Interactive Statements
  • Redacted, Confidential, Rights Managed IP Documents and Drawings
  • Letter Correspondence – bespoke (controlled with business rules combined with templates)
  • Tax, Immigration, Planning, Licensing Correspondence
  • On demand correspondence
  • Employee Benefit Illustration & Statement Packs
  • Licensing & Permit Creation
  • Welcome Packs 
  • Automotive Retail, Commercial Finance and Lease contract packs


Channels & Method of Correspondence

  • Omni, Cross and Multi
    • Print
    • Email
    • Social
    • Interactive PDF’s
    • Web/HTML Portals
    • Web Apps
    • Mobile Apps
    • Multi Functional Output


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