HR Outlet Manager

The apto HR Outlet Solution is part of the Apto Rich Capture Solution (ARC) Platform.  It is aimed at multi outlet retailers who need an easy to use, efficient reliable HR management solution in their outlets. 

The fast moving world of retail needs agile HR processes to keep up with rapidly changing business requirements. Flexibility is key, as are integrity and reliability.  Our Apto Rich Capture solution for the retail sector allows your regional and unit managers to use their smart phone or tablet to capture vitally important employee documents at source.  Compliance with Home Office regulations for right-to-work is achieved effortlessly at the same time as capture of important on-boarding data.

Features & Benefits

  • The dependence on mail processes for the collation of important documents from branch offices or shops is ended
  • Scan quality images of important documents are captured at source without the expense of providing specialist equipment, ensuring compliance of the highest quality at the lowest cost
  • Capture and validate vital on-boarding data to get your new hires to be productive sooner
  • Date, time, GPS and signature endorse the data for complete process integrity

A retail business with multiple locations has traditionally faced considerable challenges in collating employee related information, such as that associated with joining the business, or with self-certification of sickness leave.  Using internal mail processes has proven slow and often expensive.  Providing scanning or copying facilities can have high support costs and have traditionally proved difficult to manage.  Providing online access to an HR system is an ideal solution, but often proves complex in use and attracts the same cost issues.

Our solution is simple yet powerful. 

  • A branded app is configured with a number of simple forms, for example for new starters and sickness reporting. 
  • The forms include smart fields that prompt the user for images, for example of documents or head and shoulders photographs.  The app controls the camera and image processing according to the type of output required. 
  • Other simple fields are completed as required for the application. 
  • The whole content is encrypted and then uploaded to a server, either in our datacentre or your preferred one, where it is then processed and transformed for downstream use as necessary.

We aim to reduce the time and cost of capturing information whilst at the same time improving quality and integrity

HR Outlet Manager

HR Outlet manager is a great way to speed up the application to employment process.  It provides the store manager with an easy to use, compliant with right to work HR Records management solution in your outlets.

Our solution turbocharges the process, by: -

  • Accelerating the capture of images vital documents - employment applications, proof of address, proof of indentity, signature capture, timesheets, sick notes etc 
  • Validating them by capturing a signature to confirm their authenticity
  • Time, data and location stamping them to enhance process integrity
  • Onward digital delivery to your central HR system and/or locally accessible HR record storage online

without any need for the applicant to visit your head office or getting lost in the postal system.  The process is fast, effective and low cost.


Leveraging your investments in Tablets, Smartphones and existing HR systems, Apto's solution allows you to integrate up to the minute technology without throwing anything away.  We make your assets work harder, and help your recruiters achieve greater productivity that ever before.

Open Extensible Platform  

HR Outlet Manager is based upon a lightweight service orientated architecture with Open Standards at its core, essential to any data capture platform.

Starting from the point of capture our apps are designed using open source javascript frameworks, wrapped with Phonegap so a code once deploy to multiple platforms is achieved.  All our webapps likewise are MVC based.

All communication to our service consumers is via RESTful API’s and JSON data exchange format.  Our service consumer, UI and business logic layers are based on modern MVC frameworks, typically Open Source. 

Service Providers whether a legacy database, document rendering solution, or in this case our HR-RM solution are incorporated in a RESTful manner.  The platform offers ease of integration of Identity Access Management and various Persistence layers have been incorporated into the platform.

In short our architecture is a platform with services that can be added or omitted dependent on the deployment. 

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