ARC Platform

ARC is more than form filling on your tablet or smartphone.  Its the next generation of data capture to streamline your business processes whilst not having to invest in another data or database system.

Features & Benefits

Our software makes it easy for your staff to capture information, data and documents, quickly and accurately, by using Smartphones and Tablets. It improves:

  • Productivity - we reduce the time and effort required to capture the data and documents you need, which means faster task completion.  One client reports a process time reduced  from over 40 minutes to less than 20.
  • Accuracy - capturing the data at the point of origin reduces the risk of error, which means fewer errors and less rework.
  • Efficiency - modern mobile devices are low cost, high productivity investments, but only if they are used for business purposes. Our software puts your investment to work.

The use case

ARC is designed to slot into your Case Management architecture. 

Tasks allocated to an individual or team can be downloaded to a device by an authenticated user or process. Once downloaded the app can be used offline. The downloaded tasks are displayed as a list to the user in the most appropriate order (alphabetic or by appointment time for example).   On selecting an item the user is guided through a workflow configured to, for example: -

  • capture or confirm data items, such as name, bank details or national insurance number
  • scan documents that are needed as supporting evidence or for compliance
  • take photographs
  • capture a signature using a stylus

In so doing they complete the record for that case.  When the device is online, the case and the supporting files that have been generated are uploaded to the Case Management system.

Case Completion

Apto ARC Case Completion

Case Management technology is found in many organisations.  The approach is convenient and flexible, and can be applied to many complex transactions.

Where Apto Solutions can add significant value to Case management is in the area that we call Completion.  Many Cases cannot be progressed completely because of missing information.  Whether it is missing through user error or becasue of the nature of the process, ARC can help.  We provide a combination of App and Server technology that is able to determine what information is missing, create a task list item for capturing it, download that to a mobile device and then integrate it back to the Case Management system when it is completed.

Making use of your investments

ARC has been designed from conception to make use of the investments your organisation has already made

  • in mobile devices
  • in case management tools for line of business applications
  • in Customer Relationship Management

It is a pragmatic and economic solution to completing your missing datasets.

Open Extensible Platform  

ARC is based upon a lightweight service orientated architecture with Open Standards at its core, essential to any data capture platform.

Starting from the point of capture our apps are designed using open source javascript frameworks, wrapped with Phonegap so a code once deploy to multiple platforms is achieved.  All our webapps likewise are MVC based.

All communication to our service consumers is via RESTful API’s and JSON data exchange format.  Our service consumer, UI and business logic layers are based on modern MVC frameworks, typically Open Source. 

Service Providers whether a legacy database, document rendering solution, or xRM solution are incorporated in a RESTful manner.  The platform offers ease of integration of Identity Access Management and various Persistence layers have been incorporated into the platform.

In short our architecture is a platform with services that can be added or omitted dependent on the deployment. 

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