Applicant Tracking Rich Capture

The Applicant Tracking Rich Capture Solution is part of the Apto Rich Capture Solution (ARC) Platform.  It is aimed at businesses who need efficient reliable applicant data capture out in the field.

Features & Benefits

It becomes increasingly important to be able to quickly verify applicant data, and to gather evidence to demonstrate that to service users on demand.

Typically this involves the use of office infrastructure to copy and scan documents and countersignatures.  This means that the applicant has to visit your office which causes delay and increases costs.

ARC for Applicant Tracking transforms this scenario.

A consultant equipped with a Tablet and ARC is able to:

  • Take the process to the Applicant, increasing the flexibility and effectiveness of your recruitment exercise
  • Validate applicant data, and add to it if required, ensuring that data is complete and accurately captured - reducing typos
  • Create scan-quality images of important documents like passports, drivers licences and visas in a single step, at high speed, which means that your evidential document set will be complete more quickly
  • Take a photo of the applicant meaning that ID card production can happen as soon as possible
  • Capture a signature from the applicant which means that the data captured will be beyond challenge
  • All of this activity is date, time and GPS stamped for the highest possible process integrity

Recruitment and Business Process Outsourcers

As a business taking responsibility for the integrity of their employees, for whatever reason, you may be accustomed to drawn out applicant processing cycles.  The need to get your applicants to visit an office where they can be interviewed, present documents for proof of identity and evidence of right to work, to copy and countersign those documents inevitably introduces delays and takes up the time of your recruiters.

ARC slots into your Applicant Tracking System to

  • Free your process from office constraints
  • Extend your workflow beyond your network, onto Tablet devices without sacrificing control
  • Capture information and document images at source and in the presence of your recruiter

Our objective is to reduce the time from application to employment, and to increase the capacity of your recruiters to meet, validate and capture documents from your applicants.

Rich applicant capture

Applicant Tracking Systems are a great way to speed up the application to employment process.

Our solution turbocharges the process, by: -

  • Accelerating the capture of images vital documents
  • Validating them by capturing a signature to confirm their authenticity
  • Time, data and location stamping them to enhance process integrity

without any need for the applicant to visit your office.

Whether self-service , or carried out by your recruiters, the process is fast, effective and low cost.


Leveraging your investments in Tablets, Smartphones and ATS type systems, Apto's solution allows you to integrate up to the minute technology without throwing anything away.  We make your assets work harder, and help your recruiters achieve greater productivity that ever before.

Open Extensible Platform  

ARC is based upon a lightweight service orientated architecture with Open Standards at its core, essential to any data capture platform.

Starting from the point of capture our apps are designed using open source javascript frameworks, wrapped with Phonegap so a code once deploy to multiple platforms is achieved.  All our webapps likewise are MVC based.

All communication to our service consumers is via RESTful API’s and JSON data exchange format.  Our service consumer, UI and business logic layers are based on modern MVC frameworks, typically Open Source. 

Service Providers whether a legacy database, document rendering solution, or xRM solution are incorporated in a RESTful manner.  The platform offers ease of integration of Identity Access Management and various Persistence layers have been incorporated into the platform.

In short our architecture is a platform with services that can be added or omitted dependent on the deployment. 

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