Apto Document Output

Apto Document Output (ADO) is a solution for generating dynamic, professional documents, for communication with your customers and suppliers.  It enables complete control of outgoing correspondence integrating with your ERP, CRM and other systems you may have.  
ADO allows complete control over the look, feel and document type from simple PDF’s to interactive muti-type documents.  It allows rich graphics, multi-languages and multiple data sources to be incorporated into one document.  

Having total control over outgoing correspondence assists and eases compliance, document audit, changes of documents and document types and comprehensive audit records.  Last but not least the efficiencies the solution delivers from setup, through management of templates and document creation time is easily demonstrable.  

Complimentary components to the solution allow storage and retrieval of the created documents, should this be necessary.  

Integrate and Automate Output
  • Dynamically pull from multiple data sources
  • Use existing ERP, CRM, other applications
  • Merge and create 
Document Creation Power 
  • Create documents based upon template
  • Create Dynamic Tables, Barcharts, PieCharts, Graph
  • Create compliance regulatory, internal documents
  • Generated Outputs of put 15,000 pages per minute
Comprehensive Output Formats 
  • Multiple Pages
  • Multiple Languages and formats
  • Multiple Destination Outputs
  • Full Control of copies, orientation, fonts etc
  • One or more output formats, PDF, HTML, input forms and interactive documents
  • Create many document types, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Shipping Notes, Customs Forms, Statements 
A manufacturer with over 200,000 documents both print and electronic per month required a replacement document output solution.  Their documents requirements were dynamic letters, statements, invoice, goods delivery notes, in multiple formats PCL, PDF and multiple languages, with data input from multiple in-house systems.   

ADO was implemented to address these requirements fully and migrate from their end of life incumbent document creation system.  ADO was able to manipulate the data source input and with the use of templates create dynamically the documents required.  Performance exceeded expectations with low infrastructure overheads with over 10 documents per second.  

Multiple formats and language requirements were fully met with the ability to easily add and update existing templates.  Documents were archived in their existing in-house archive.  

The project was delivered in under 10 days and within budget, fully functional and performant to the original requirements 

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