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Example Data Capture Solutions 

Even with the emergence of the internet as a means for communicating important information, many organisations still have to deal with big volumes of paper documents over many different types of document every day, alongside the electronic attachments and emails that arrive at in boxes.  Each of these documents has to be sorted and passed to the relevant department for processing.


Once these paper and electronic files have found their way to the correct department, the information contained within each of them  has to then be evaluated and entered onto a line of business system for processing.  Whether the document is an invoice, a letter of complaint or an application form, the same basic processes of sort, route and data entry apply.


An automated mailroom solution will remove the vast majority of manual effort required in getting data from incoming documents into work queues or databases.  Once captured (either by scanning the paper versions or monitoring inboxes etc.. For electronic versions), they are classified in order to identify what type of document has entered the business.  Once the document type is known then more specific data extraction may occur, perhaps a customer reference number can be read from a piece of correspondence, or the invoice values can be extracted from an identified invoice etc…


Automating a mailroom can be a big task with many complications as it impacts many departments.  However we have implemented many mailroom solutions and understand where the pitfalls are and where the biggest benefits and cost savings can be made.  Proper identification and understanding of the paper and electronic based processes initially is key, so we work very closely with a business to ensure we fully understand what currently happens in order to be able to advise on what should change in order to drive home the efficiencies that this type of technology can provide.


The key benefits of implementing a mailroom solution are:


  • Compliance a full audit trail of each individual page of each document is maintained as soon as the document enters the organisation
  • Cost reduction through effort  the document pre-sort process can be greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated meaning no complex rules for manual document identification and analysis
  • Cost reduction through data capture if the system can automate a large percentage of the data capture process then the knowledge workers in the departments will be free to focus on their daily work tasks rather than entering data
  • Improved reaction speed  any data and documents captured can be available to the whole organisation in minutes rather than hours or days.
  • Security Documents can be prioritised and sent straight through the system for only specific pairs of eyes to see, in fact documents and document pages can be broken down so that the whole document cannot be viewed by just one person at any time.


Proof of Delivery

Management of the proof of deliver process can be a time consuming and costly task.  Not only can it involve the manual capture of information from all of the paper based delivery documents, but also the ability to capture information using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, all to be integrated with the organisations line of business systems.


Our single platform capture solution reduces the pain in both of these areas by applying data extraction and classification routines to both of these sources of incoming documents in order to automate the capture process.  Once captured, the data is then fed into the line of business system for users to view the captured images (from both scanner or mobile device) and progress the case through the system..


We can even host the capture system for you.  If you do not have the IT resource to manage the system in house we can do all of the hard work for you.  You will need to provide mobile devices to the staff, but we will manage the app deployment and ensure everything is configured to deliver the data to your chosen system.


Our proof of deliver solution offers the following:

  • Reduced cost of data entry through automation
  • Increased speed of data entry
  • Security and compliance of electronic documents
  • Vast reduction on IT overhead
  • Support for mobile and centralised scanning capabilities in one platform
  • Hosted, In-house or hybrid options

Apto have been developing software for mobile devices for a number of years.  The technology has now matured to a stage where it can now be used as a data capture device ‘in the field’.  This has the advantage of reducing the time it takes for important data to enter an organisations systems dramatically.


The Apto mobile application has the ability to allow data capture processes to take place on the device itself, or back in the office to ensure the most efficient use of time.  Multiple mobile ‘forms’ can be created to allow for the capture of textual data, checkboxes and lists, images taken from the camera and handwritten signatures.  The app then manages the sending of the captured data back to a server for processing and then on to a user for verification or straight into the target business system.


The whole solution is configurable to allow you to choose what you want to be displayed on the device, and how you need it entered into the line of business system.


Security is important when working in the mobile environment, therefore none of the data entered into any of the apps forms will appear in other apps such as the camera roll etc…  everything is hidden and encoded so that no another application can make use of it or no user can get into it.


A demonstration of the application can easily be arranged to work on your device.  Contact us to find out how we can take advantage of your existing tablets and mobiles and turn them into highly efficient and agile data capture devices.



Finance Processing 

Automation of invoice capture can greatly reduce the manual effort in getting invoice data into a finance system.  Invoices are scanned with the data on them extracted and analysed to ensure that it is accurate.


There are two types of invoice capture, the simplest type is where just the key invoice information is extracted (known as header only capture) such as Supplier name, Invoice date, Invoice Total, VAT Amount etc…  The more complex capture is where the key invoice information and the line details are also captured.  This may include multiple line details per invoice such as Product code, Quantity, Description, Line total etc….


Invoice capture is all about the automation rate, i.e. how much of each invoice can we capture fully automatically.  The automation rate increases greatly if we can use external information to help us locate the correct piece of data on each invoice, such as a supplier database to help us read the supplier name.  In this case we might also look for a VAT number on the invoice and use that value to reference against the supplier database to ensure we have the correct supplier for the invoice.


By allowing the data capture application to talk to your finance systems other processes can be completed fully automatically, such as two way and three way matching, where the invoice is matched to the purchase order and even the delivery note data to ensure everything is complete for the transaction.


Some of the key benefits of adopting and invoice capture solution are:


  • Lower accounting costs
  • Quicker settlement cycles
  • Fewer processing errors
  • Easy, compliant paper trails
  • Improved supplier relations
  • Take advantage of prompt payment discounts

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