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As businesses increasingly rely on cloud services and assets, it’s crucial to ensure that your SIEM implementation is optimal and running smoothly, free of interference or unauthorised changes from insider risk. Our Sentinel Health Assessment Service can help you validate the efficacy of your SIEM implementation and provide you with actionable insights to improve it, both in the short term and long term.

Our service includes a comprehensive review of your SIEM, focusing not only on its functional capabilities and efficiency but also on its underlying foundational build. We also help you reduce any unnecessary costs with unneeded data ingestion or retention so you can feel less of the burden of expensive tools.


What To Expect From A SIEM Assessment

Our Sentinel Health Assessment Service provides a structured report with rapid actions that can be taken, as well as strategic recommendations to improve your Sentinel strategy. If required, we can assist in executing any of the recommendations and support your SIEM operation with managed services after this assessment. We can help you mature and incrementally improve your SIEM capability

Existing Environment Assessment:

Apto consultants assess the environment to be monitored and protected, including services, security solutions, workloads, risk registers, threat models, identity providers, management solutions, tooling, policies, telemetry, logs, compliance, and reporting. We also evaluate your SIEM’s operating model, team skills, processes, and RACI. If needed, we can assist you in implementing risk and threat modelling and deploying the mitigations using your Sentinel SIEM.

Sentinel Implementation Assessment:

We’ll analyze Sentinel implementation to ensure it’s working properly. This includes confirming that the SIEM is receiving the right input data and validating the detective use cases. We’ll also implement automation response solutions and reporting solutions for operation, compliance, content change, and configuration drift. Finally, we’ll validate the Sentinel implementation architecture, including data sources, logging ingestion solutions, logging retention, and resilience.

Health Assessment Report:

We will produce a structured report, based on our findings from the environment and Sentinel health assessments. This report focuses on a full analysis, covering both the current implementation and future requirements, resulting in detailed strategic recommendations:

About Apto Solutions

Our goal is to assist organisations in adopting threat detection platforms which provide a responsive, secure and measurable oversight of sensitive data and critical processes. With extensive experience in Sentinel and relevant certifications in cloud security best practices, cloud services, and architectures on Azure, AWS, GCP, and M365/XDR, we are fully equipped to ensure the safety and security of your data. Trust us to provide top-notch service and peace of mind.


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