Invested in Sentinel as a SIEM platform but not getting the outcome you expected?

Apto’s SIEM expertise is unparalleled when it comes to planning, designing, implementing and operating Microsoft Sentinel with a supporting SOAR capability. Trust us to manage the entire lifecycle of your SIEM with years of dedicated knowledge and expertise.

Installation vs Integration

Long-term SIEM maturity is an ongoing process that requires input from an experienced and technically skilled team and an adaptable and flexible approach. Having Microsoft Sentinel installed is only part of the SIEM journey and many organisations struggle with knowing how to fully integrate the platform across your organisation to obtain security confidence and peace of mind.

Sentinel SIEM

Apto Methodology

Apto Solutions services cover the four key distinct pillars of the SIEM lifecycle; working towards improved SIEM confidence and a more robust security posture for organisations in any industry and with a wide range of requirements.

Discover: Start by assessing your environment’s workloads, modelling potential threats, creating a risk register with detective use cases, and integrating with protective solutions. Identify the required log and alert telemetry to be ingested into your SIEM and agree on platform requirements.

Design: Build your SIEM/SOAR architecture, including resilience and ingestion architecture.

Deploy: Deploy your SIEM architecture, ingestion solutions, detective use case solutions, SOAR architecture, and reporting. Compile build documentation to operate. Test and validate SIEM architecture and functionality, and confirm detective use cases.

Operate: Operate the SIEM platform as a managed service, complemented by content management as a service. This includes driving updates to SIEM content based on health assessments, threat intelligence, and SIEM incidents.


Specialist SIEM Services For Sentinel

  • Sentinel Health Assessment


    Understand & Assess Platform

    Rapid Improvements

    Strategic Recommendations

  • Managed Sentinel Operation


    Content and Platform Management

    Reporting & Dashboards

    Data & Analytics Management

  • Migration Services


    Move from legacy platforms to Sentinel

    Transfer of core data, apps and dashboards

    Activation of advanced SIEM features such as ML/AI

  • Advanced Sentinel Services


    Full platform customisation

    Setup of features such as Forensics and UEBA

    Long-term cost monitoring

About Apto Solutions

Our goal is to assist organisations in their adoption of threat detection platforms to provide a responsive, secure and measurable oversight of sensitive data and critical processes. With extensive experience in Sentinel and relevant certifications in cloud security best practices, cloud services, and architectures on Azure, AWS, GCP, and M365/XDR, we are fully equipped to ensure the safety and security of your data. Trust us to provide top-notch service and peace of mind.


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