Apto Home Page

What we do

Apto Solutions exists to accelerate your Digital ambitions.  We do this by maintaining high standards of competence in a number of technologies that are critically important to the digital agenda, and by deep understanding of a few select products that leverage those technologies.


Lots of our work can be characterised as data capture – from analogue sources such as images, or digital sources such as web forms or machine generated information.  Increasingly this involves using Artificial Intelligence to reduce manual effort.


Managing digital assets – unstructured content such as images and documents -  is vital to modern organisations. Our special interest is in helping you make the most of your Digital Assets by building processes by which they can be re-used more productively.


This area of our work is about creating output from data, usually involving the use of templates and the rules used to invoke them.  Invoices, statements, proposals, policies. Apto build and support solutions for producing transactional documents of all types and complexity.

How we do it

We have excellent staff, highly trained and motivated, and support their deployment with great tools and methodology. Where off the shelf software is used, we make sure we have appropriate certifications.  Where more generic technologies are concerned, we encourage and support skills development.

Apto staff are Agile by preference.  We make extensive use of collaboration technology to make remote working and virtual teaming an everyday reality.  Our objective is to meet our goals by helping you to reach yours.

Why choose Apto?

We know that there are lots of competitors out there, and that our clients always have a choice.  It is our clear focus that sets us apart; we know that the keys to our continuing success over 13 years have been maintaining this with consistency, integrity and expertise.