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Splunk Partner Services

Apto is a rare thing – an accredited Splunk Professional Services Partner.  We help you implement Splunk, maximising your return on your investment, we focus on your implementation of Splunk.

What do we offer?

It depends on where you are with Splunk.  Are you new to Splunk? Do you already have Splunk and want to expand what it can do? Do you need just a little help? It doesn’t matter we can cover all angles and more, delivering more value from Splunk. Have a look how we do it we offer the entire Splunk Services programs trained by them to their standards delivering innovative Splunk Services.

We engage from hourly work through to as long as you like, fixed priced package, test us, try us, we’ll make it very easy for you to do business with us.  What we are particular about is plain English objectives and delivering upon them.

Splunk Consultants

As a Splunk Partner all our consultants and engineers are Splunk certified, they have to be resulting in the best Splunk expertise available.  This is a long, tough process, with frequent re-certification, so we are proud in telling everyone about it.



What do we offer?

As a Splunk Partner for professional services, everything concerned with designing, implementing, maintaining, furthering, add-ons, customising Splunk.  However, we always start with a discovery however brief in plain english what is your goal?

Some of the high level services are

  • Design, install and configure Splunk including Cloud
  • Design, install and configure Splunk ES, ITSI, UBA, Phantom and Splunkbase Apps
  • Analyse and review your existing Splunk
  • Improve the performance of your existing Splunk, reviews include in-depth analysis and reports on an ah-hoc or package basis
  • Data Onboarding
  • Design and implement Dashboards and custom apps
  • Using your licence more its based on data ingestion capacity, use it!!
  • Cloud migration strategy
  • Automation techniques

Have a look at our Professional Services and Support Services Pages detailing how we deliver.

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