Splunk Services

The Three Areas

Our Splunk Services are best understood through three areas: Design & Implementation, Optimisation & Acceleration and Expert Services including Support.  We offer add on packages, Splunk RAP’s and support programs.

We are an accredited Splunk Partner and have a wide array of Consultants

Design & Implementation

Splunk is a significant investment and the ways in which it can used are almost infinite, planning is the key to success with Splunk. The implementation packages are in three forms from basic to advanced, dependent on your objectives, number of data sources, searches, indexes, complexity and so on. The packages range from 15 to 60 days, although the packages are well defined, we will tune them according to our customers requirements with a discovery phase. The advanced package also includes future health checks and support. After discovery, we kick off the initial planning workshop with your Apto appointed architect, with subsequent phases of implementation and training with optional follow up phases.

The benefits of this package are a well planned, clean, best practice implementation, that will scale and meet your immediate and future needs.  Naturally if you feel the package does not fit, we can bespoke these services.

Optimisation & Acceleration

This set of packages are for existing Splunk users.

The optimisation package is typically a one week program that provides a comprehensive review of your Splunk environment, the results are a report presenting our findings, recommendations with a set of steps, you the customer can perform, with varying options of assistance from Apto if desired. The benefit of the package is peace of mind your implementation has been thoroughly audited, recommended improvements presented and how to implement them, offering future scalable, performant Splunk system.

The acceleration packages are about driving more from your Splunk platform. The acceleration packages come in three forms basic, standard and advanced based on the scale and complexity of the current and desired environment. We assess all current and desired data sources and architectures, we remediate any issues, as well as plan for new use cases, data sources, scaling the platform, data visualisations and so on.

Expert Services

Expert services are point services delivered time or package based, the primary point to them is as a Splunk user you know what you want, need some help and want to get the job done.

Time based can start from simple remote based ‘ask a Splunk expert’ on an hourly basis through to on-site daily bespoke consulting services. Other time ‘hourly unit’ based packages include: build a lookup, extract a field, create/manage indexes, build a dashboard, install a Splunk base app, create a workflow, build a search, just ask we can package them all and we will share the specifics of a particular package.

Workshop based packages include Data on-boarding, machine learning, service mapping, cloud migration. All workshops take the form of an initial discovery, full day workshop, full day follow up presentation with recommendations and a delivery plan, with different delivery options. These workshops are more area specific than the optimisation and acceleration workshops, so Apto will through an initial discussion propose the right package most likely to benefit you the most.

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