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Splunk, the data to everything platform, is empowering organisations to use their data to drive insights and action. Apto’s Splunk Service Packages are designed to help you get the most from your Splunk deployment.  Scroll down to read more about our services or watch our video;

We also offer quick start RAP Packs which you can read about here.  We are a premier services partner undertaking all types of Splunk Professional ServicesContact us to find out more.

Cloud Migration Workshop Service Pack

Our Splunk Cloud Migration workshop is designed for Splunk customers who are looking to minimize downtime and the time it takes to migrate to Splunk Cloud. Using a collaborative approach we can help you plan a pragmatic approach to your migration, architecting a solution to take full advantage of the platform. We will evaluate your on-premise Splunk installation and provide guidance, best practices and milestones for migrating Splunk. This workshop lasts 5 days.


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Splunk Healthcheck Service Pack

Apto Solutions Healthcheck Service Package is specifically designed to ensure that customers new to Splunk gain maximum value from the Splunk product. Our standard package runs for 6 months, other durations are available. In the 6 months following the product implementation, the customer will receive ‘healthcheck days’ from an Apto consultant where we will ensure that Splunk continues to operate effectively in your enterprise. In addition, customers will also provide ongoing support via phone and email, with pre-scheduled contact ensuring that you get the value from our package, as well as your new Splunk deployment.

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Splunk Assurance Service Pack

Even the most mature of Splunk users welcome the assurance of knowing they can turn to the experts when they need to. Apto service support packages are designed to provide you with piece of mind that help is there when you need it, with none of the restrictions of a typical support contract. Our straightforward support package provides in hours support to your Splunk deployment, meaning that your Splunk engineers don’t get distracted from their key activities.


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Splunk Roadmap Service Pack

During our 5 day roadmap workshop we will understand your business goals and operational objectives to ensure that your expanding Splunk footprint meets them. Our analysis results in the development of a use-case-oriented roadmap that provides guidance, risk mitigation and milestones to getting more value from Splunk.


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Data Onboarding Workshop Service Pack

To get the most from your deployment you need to ingest data quickly and effectively. Apto can help you get maximum RoI ono your Splunk investment and maximise you data allowance through our data onboarding workshop. We will help you onboard new data sources in line with Splunk best practice. This workshop typically lasts 7 days


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Splunk Optimisation Service Pack

Make sure that your Splunk deployment is ready for whatever you throw at it. To get maximum RoI from your Splunk set up, Apto offer an optimistion work package to make sure that your deployment is stable, robust and ready to handle more data. Duration is dependent on the complexity of your deployment but typically lasts between 3 and 8 days.


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Data Analytics Workshop Service Pack

Even with a stable, business-as-usual Splunk environment, sometimes there are causes for additional data analysis. With a team of certified Splunk consultants, we love helping customers search and investigate using Splunk, revealing potential opportunities to improve your business and get the best RoI from your technology investments. Our typical analytics workshop lasts 10 days.


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Machine Learning Workshop Service Pack

Ramp your Operational Intelligence from Reactive to Predictive Analytics with our Machine Learning workshop. During the workshop we will help you understand what is possible using machine data and Splunk’s machine learning capabilities. Duration is 5 days.


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