Splunk Services for Financial Services Industry

Splunk Services in FSI

Splunk turns machine data into answers….  Splunk has 94 different examples of how it can be used to deliver application analytics, FSI compliance and detect fraud. Splunk is more than just a platform for IT and Security.  Apto provides the services to design and deliver Splunk Services in FSI or amend the Splunk Essentials App.

We can show you the capabilities of Splunk within the Finanical Services Industry. Since Splunk collects and indexes machine data in near real-time, most of the reports shown here can be run in near real-time providing you with a business advantage over other solutions. Because the analytics, fraud, and compliance departments at most institutions are different units, we have separated the examples here into their separate respective use cases to reflect that alignment.

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Some Examples

Wire Transfer Fraud

Wire transfer fraud is when criminals concoct a scheme to obtain money based on false representation. This criminal act is done using electronic communications. Our examples demonstrate use case contain scenarios that should be investigated immediately for potential fraud.


MFID/MFID2 are regulations for electronic trading in EMEA. One standard requires firms to show that servers all have time settings that vary no more than one MS from UTC. Another standard requires firms to execute trades at the best possible price among exchanges.  We have 5 examples that can be shown.

Transaction Statistics

This use case provides a wide variety of measurements for a hypothetical 4 step banking transaction. Just a few of these statistics include the average duration or a transaction, the number of steps in a transaction and the highest number of transactions completed by customer.

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