Apto – one of the very few –  professional services only Splunk Partners

Splunk services is our specialism

Apto specialise in Splunk services in all their products, additionally enterprise security, ITSI & Machine Learning. It’s a long journey to become a partner and Splunk set the bar high, we’re rightly proud of our status.

We’re unique, we are not a reseller, we do not sell Splunk licences, we let Splunk do that. We help you implement Splunk, maximising your return on that software investment. Why invest in a product and not get the best from it?

What do we offer?

It depends on you. Are you new to Splunk? Do you already have it and want to grow what it can do? Do you need just a little help? It doesn’t matter we can cover all angles. What’s important is working with you to help define those objectives. Have a look how we do it

We engage from hourly through to as long as you like, test us, try us, we’ll make it very easy for you to do business with us.

The Consultants

They’re actually pretty good – all our consultants are Splunk certified. This is a long, very tough process, with some hard core exams, so we are proud in telling everyone about it. Our certifications are the newly introduced set of accreditations and we maintain the latest skills by constant training.

See how we can build your digital capability,
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