Problem FAQ?

In our 5 years working with Splunk, our customers have asked us to assist with a variety of challenges.  Many of the projects we encounter boil down to one of implementation, migration (now to Splunk Cloud), performance and growth pains, upgrades, additional data onboarding or premium app addons.

These areas are relatively straightforward to define, but our approach, technical expertise and how we work with the Security, IT and DevOps teams are what sets us apart. The unparalleled success of Splunk means that knowledgable and qualified resource is scarce, to put it mildly.  There is a lack resource and capability certified in the latest products and apps with the experience in delivery that Apto has gained.



Not one size fits all, we can compliment your team with a Splunk Architect, Consultant, Engineer or Admin – you decide how you deploy them or we can plan out a roadmap for you. The result could be a need for on-demand resource – a mixture of guru and admin on a flexible basis for a period of time.  We could staff augment, with over the shoulder shadowing.  We could deploy a fully burst-able capacity team and ramp off as the mission completes, all while bringing the right skills to the project at the right time.  We can follow up any implementation with full SLA Support plans.

The fact is all customers are different.  We have Splunk Packages, Residency Programs, Experts by the day or on demand through to Support Services with SLA’s. Using our flexible delivery model we can build an approach which works for you.

By engaging with Apto you are accessing an unrivalled Splunk premier professional services only partner with one of the greatest combined set of person years and knowledge.

Why apto?

We have seen and done most things with Splunk ranging from the largest, most complex systems through to new customers starting out.  We are not a reseller, we are solely a professional services only partner with permanently employed staff.  We certify and train in all the latest versions, premium apps and techniques provided by Splunk. Our role is to ensure that you are successful with the product and gain maximum value from the investment you have made.

Our mix of packages and joint planning of the outcome you desire from Splunk sets us very much apart.  Speaking with any of our consultants will cement this, hopefully!  Before contacting us have a look at how we do things and some of our case studies.

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