Splunk Consultant

Splunk Consultant – what is it?

To become a Splunk Consultant takes years of training and experience to become a certified.  This is an ongoing process requiring frequent re-certification. This expertise and training ensures your successful implementation and use of Splunk.

We are a fully accredited Splunk Partner

Qualifications are only one part

All our Splunk Consultants are not just technical, they spend time discovering what you wish to acheive from Splunk at a business or simple English description level, therefore any implementation, service activity has a clear objective not a low level technical one.  We have a proven approach to succesful outcomes in Splunk and are happy to guarantee this, delivering quality services and support.

What we provide

Consultants that can therefore

  • Design, install and configure Splunk including Cloud
  • Design, install and configure Splunk ES, ITSI, UBA, Phantom and Splunkbase Apps
  • Analyse and review your existing Splunk
  • Improve the performance of your existing Splunk, reviews include in-depth analysis and reports on an ah-hoc or package basis
  • Data Onboarding
  • Design and implement Dashboards and custom apps
  • Using your licence more its based on data ingestion capacity
  • Cloud migration strategy
  • Automation techniques


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